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Metal Gear Cosplay
Kelton C. aka. keruuu or kelton, Cosplayer frin Singapore, Bold and passionate. His cosplay includes Pyramid Head Cospaly from Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Revengeance Cosplay and many more.  He is now Cosplayer of the week at gamezmentor.
  • Name: Kelton C. aka. keruuu or kelton.
  • Birthday: 3rd August
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Residency: Singapore
  • Languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese
  • Started Cosplaying: end of 2006
  • Favorite color: Black, White and earthy tones like burgundy, umber etc.
  • Hobbies: Constructing costumes/props, SFX Makeup, Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, Video Games, Watching Splatter/Horror films, Gym
  • First cosplay: Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2
  • Latest cosplay: Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Websites:
  • Facebook Fan PageFB Public accountDeviantArt

1. Tell us about yourself.
I was born in North Carolina, Greensboro but grew up in Singapore. I’ve always had a huge love for art and I started making clothes for dolls when I was about ten years old. I went on to major in Fashion Design at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore when I was 17 but I dropped out because I wanted to make costumes felt that fashion wasn’t really my thing. I switched my course to Fine Arts and graduated with a diploma in painting at Lasalle in 2011. Besides cosplaying, I love Surrealism as well as Impressionist art.

2. Tell us about your FAV Game?
This is a tough question because there are just too many but I love third person and first person action games as well as fighting games. I grew up with Tomb Raider and eventually went on to games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I LOVE horror games and my favorite is probably Silent Hill 2 because I’ve never played a game that was so rich in its story and characters. Other favorites of mine include Metal Gear Solid 1,2 and 4 as well as fighting games like Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat 2011, the Hitman series and Dead or Alive.

3. For how long you have been cosplaying?
I started cosplaying when I was about 16 and what got me into it initially was actually cosplaying as J-rock singers like Shou from Alice Nine and Asagi from D. Haha it’s kind of funny when I look at my old pictures because it’s funny to see how much I’ve grown in terms of my cosplay choices as well as a person. Eventually I got into cosplaying video game characters and that’s what I probably feel most comfortable doing.

4. One thing that makes you angry?
Politics in the cosplay scene. I suppose it happens everywhere but it’s just kind of sad to see people bickering amongst themselves when this is a hobby that’s meant to unite people (*cough*nerds*cough*) like us.

5. Any friend or relative who supported you in cosplaying?
In the beginning my parents didn’t understand it but as they saw my work recieve more recognition after being featured in some local magazines and newspapers as well as COSMODE, they became more supportive of my work. Although my mom still complains about the mess in the house whenever I’m working on a project6. Your Hobbies??
As mentioned earlier, my hobbies pertain to almost anything related to the arts. Music, film, design, illustration etc. Sculpting and painting is probably where my strength lies and cosplaying allows me to exercise these skills and improve on them. I love makeup especially theatrical and special effects makeup. Gore, blood and guts and movie monsters are lots of fun. Besides gaming, and making outfits I also like to go for long runs, and gym.

7. What attracts you to cosplay?
I think what attracts me to cosplay is being able to recreate the costume of a character I can identify with and portray well. The challenge of being able to reproduce a costume with as much detail and accuracy as possible gives me a huge sense of satisfaction when I’ve finally finished an outfit. I enjoy making all my costumes myself because each outfit has different challenges and I’m very anal about details and how everything should fit and look.

8. Share 1 funny moment or incident that happened to you doing cosplay or which makes you laugh?
One funny moment I recall was when I was in my Pyramid Head costume at a convention in Singapore. I was posing for pictures so I had to stand still and because I couldn’t really see, I didn’t know there were little kids in front of me trying to decide whether or not I was a real person and when I started moving, they all screamed and ran away haha!

9. Which cosplay are you planning in Future?
My plans are constantly changing actually! Sometimes I might decide on a character and then if i lose interest in it I change it to another but for this year, I’m planning to do Ian Nottingham and Kenneth Irons from the Witchblade comics, The Executioner from Alice Madness Returns and a new DLC outfit for Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge.

10. Any advice you want to give to cosplayers who are new in cosplay?
Always start with a simple outfit for your first costume. Never be too ambitious if it’s your first time and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Also, try making your own outfits from scratch because it’s such a fun process even with all the trial and error but no one will have the exact same outfit if it’s entirely your work. Do as much research as you can and collect reference images. Even the smallest details can make or break an outfit.

11. What is your Dream?
I hope to one day be working in the film industry as an Special Effects Makeup Artist.

Thanks again to GamezMentor for the opportunity to share my work with everyone.

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