Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Concept Makes Your Living Room Terrifying

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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Concept Makes Your Living Room Terrifying

Microsoft is no rookie when it comes to experimenting with new gaming technology, as they’ve spent over two years trying to convince us that Kinect is a thing worth owning. Based on a new tech demo video showcased at Samsung’s CES keynote, they’re working on a new display-based accessory that incorporates the gamer’s living room.

I’m no expert on display technology, but it appears that the IllumiRoom accessory makes it so a whole bunch of crazy crap gets shined all over your walls. The video below showcases flames erupting out of the side of the television, city streets and other backgrounds scrolling by on the room’s back wall, and assorted particles flying all over the entertainment center’s drawers and shelves.

According to the official Microsoft Research YouTube page, this video is a real time demonstration. A thread on NeoGAF is currently speculating that the tech may be related to this patent.

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