Tekken Cosplay | Julia Asuka Xiaoyu Cosplay

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Tekken Cosplay | Julia Asuka Xiaoyu Cosplay

One of the most Beautiful and passionate Model and Cosplayer we have encountered yet, Giulia  is cosplayer from Italy. She is not new as cosplayer and know the passion very well. Having a huge list of cosplays including Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach, Julia cosplay from Tekken, Asuka Kazama Cosplay and Xiaoyu Cosplay also from Tekken. Her complete bio and gallery is below.

  • Name: Giulia ( known as Giuly_Chan or Rukia)
  • Birthday: 14th July
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Residency: Italy
  • Languages: Italian, English, Japanese
  • Cosplayer since: 2005
  • Favorite color: Pink, purple
  • Hobbies: sewing, mangas, videogames
  • First cosplay: Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach
  • Latest cosplay: Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • websites : DeviantArt, Facebook


1.Tell us about yourself first…
Hi everyone, I’m Giulia from Italy; I’m graduated in japanese language and culture, now I’m currently studying to take the second level degree. I’m a stubborn and skeptic person, I treasure my friends more than everything else: I’m a dreamer but I have a good head on my shoulders when is needed.
2. There are a number of games like DMC, Dead or alive etc but Why Tekken Cosplay?
Well Tekken is my favourite game and I like so many characters, I’ve cosplayer all my favourite Tekken girls, I would cosplay also the guys if I could XD
Tell us about your Favorite game…
I remember when I bought my first PlayStation, there was a demo inside with Tekken 3 trial, it was love at first sight :P From that moment on I started collecting all Tekken games :) I do have other favourite games anyway, I love Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider ( the old games) and Soul Calibur.
4. One thing that makes you angry?
Lies, disrespect and people who hurt my friends.
5. What do you think is future for gaming 10 years earlier super Mario type games and now a days Battlefield 3 or Final Fantasy type advanced graphic games. Things are become more and more advance. What do you think will happen to gaming in future???
I think games would become even more advanced in graphic but they will lack good storylines and playability; that’s the problem of new consoles, often game producers focus more on graphic and realism than on the substance of the game.
6. Piracy for Games are very common now days, Torrents etc. are big source of piracy don’t you think it should be stopped.???
Games became sooo much expensive!@.@ Often people don’t have money to buy them; maybe they should increase the number of games you can download for cheap. Piracy should be stopped not only for videogames also for movies etc, but it’s also true that many people can’t afford originals, so I think that authorized downloads would be a good solution.
7. When did you start cosplaying and how long for?
I started in 2005 and didn’t stop yet; my first cosplay was Rukia Kuchiki from the manga Bleach ,which is the character that resemble me the most, at least for personality.
8. What attracts you to cosplay?
9. Share 1 funny moment or incident that happened to you doing cosplay or which makes you laugh?
Well I collected a bunch on funny experience while cosplaying; the last one happened when I was walking with my Tekken Group dressed as Ling Xiaoyu and a random guy called me “Chun-Li”, I think my evil glance scared that poor guy for life :P Also I still laugh when I recall my friends dressed as Tekken Characters, dancing GANGNAM STYLE, thw crowd at the con was so amused that they started filming and taking pics of them, ignoring the group of dancers on the stage XD
10. Your Hobbies?
Cosplaying and sewing (of course XD), playing videogames, reading mangas, cooking, drawing (even if I’m not very good at °°) , watching cool photos, I’d like to learn more about photography.
11. Which cosplay are you planning in Future?
My next cosplay will be Leixia of Soul Calibur 5, in her second player outfit, I will be part of a big Soul Calibur group, I can’t wait :) I’ve planned also Viola from the same series. And of course more Tekken girls XD I’m remaking Alisa’s 1P but I still don’t know when it will be ready :)
12. Any advice you want to give to cosplayers who are new in cosplay?
Just do your best and have fun, cosplaying is expressing love for a character and having fun with friends! :) Make treasure of every moment, both in the creation of the costume and while playing the character; those moments will remain in your heart :)
13. What is your Dream?
My dream is to live in Japan, I love that country, I left my heart there.I want to thank you the staff of gamezmentor for this interview :3


GamezMentor Special Thanks to Miss. Giulia for her contribution in GamezMentor.

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