Thousands Of Nintendo Consoles Stolen From Warehouse

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Thousands Of Nintendo Consoles Stolen From Warehouse

ABC News is reporting that $2 million worth of Wii consoles have been stolen from a Nintendo distribution site in Seattle.

“I’ve been a cop for 28 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this. This has come straight out of the movies,” says Sgt. Cindy West in ABC’s article. Presumably, the article means to say “Wii U” instead of “Wii” throughout – kind of like the way some people just call any gaming console a Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox. After all, I can’t imagine that the original Wii is in enough demand to justify the theft.

The thieves reportedly drove into a warehouse housing the consoles on Saturday night, then loaded up two large trucks using forklifts. The whole process seems pretty conspicuous – noOcean’s 11-style subtlety here – but the theft remained undetected until noon on Sunday.

In light of this news, here’s a holiday shopping tip: If you’re buying a Wii U as a gift, get it from a reputable retailer, not from someone who smells like diesel and drives a forklift.

Source: ABC News via NeoGAF

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